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Like a throwback to MySpace, I guess? In no particular order:
  1. Shalyah Evans
  2. Stephen Amell
  3. Mike Ryan
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  1. The NHL's treatment of female fans.
  2. One of those people who tries to make every piece of children's media dark/sexual.
  3. Greg Hardy of the Dallas Cowboys.
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This marks the third time I have seen Max Schneider live in concert, and each time is uniquely great. This time was a little extra unique, though.
  1. He broke his foot in Montreal last night, which meant he replaced his usual dance moves with those compatible with crutches.
  2. Those moves included waving the crutches in the air and using them to clap over his head like they were extensions of his arms.
  3. The quote "I don't see these crutches as a hindrance... They're an addition... Something I can jump with."
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