Portland has great food at very reasonable prices. Per capita and per dollar I'd put it up against any city I've visited or lived in. Here are some favorites...
  1. Screen Door (E Burnside)
    Great brunch, also open relatively late. On weekends get there by 8:30 so when they open at 9:00 you can be part of the first seating. Otherwise you're waiting until tables start to turn. Tasty food and generous portions
  2. Le Pigeon (E Burnside)
    Great option for a nice dinner or the foodie in your life. If booked try their sister restaurant Little Bird Bistro in SW Portland.
  3. Jim & Patty's (3 locations) or Coffee People (PDX airport) Black Tiger Milkshakes
    Expensive but worth it. Milkshakes made with their black tiger ice cream which is like chocolate chip but with shredded up chocolate-covered coffee beans. Jim and Patty used to own Coffee People before they sold it and returned (presumably after some non-compete ended) to open Jim & Patty's. Of the Coffee People locations, only the airport shops remain but at least two of them serve black tiger milkshakes.
  4. Pok Pok (SE Division) or Pok Pok Noi (NE Prescott)
    Famously delicious Thai food from two locations. Waits are long but you can wait for your table with drinks and Pok Pok appetizers at their Whiskey Soda Longe across the street from their Division location
  5. The American Local (SE Division)
    Small plates packed with flavor that are consistently good even as the menu changes over time. Easy to over order but do it anyway and enjoy!
  6. Toro Bravo (NE Russell)
    Delicious small plates that seem more Spanish-inspired than traditional tapas options. As with most places on the list, usually packed.
  7. Fried Egg I'm in Love & Tov (SE Hawthorne)
    Both are in a small food truck pod at SE Hawthorne and 32nd Ave. Fried Egg I'm in Love is a fantastic breakfast sandwich food truck with covered outdoor seating area. Fried eggs are always nicely runny and sausage patties are delicious. Tov is a great coffee bus with covered seating on the roof. Their dark chocolate latte starts with medallions of dark chocolate.
  8. Food truck pod at SE Division and 28th
    Lots of options so good for groups. Large covered outdoor seating area in the center of the pod with beer truck. Hapa PDX (ramen) and Doghouse PDX (burgers and tots) are among our favorites
  9. Food truck pod at SW Washington and 9th (Downtown)
    Another place with lots of options. La Camel paella, tagines, and salad are among our favorites.
  10. Tasty n Alder (Downtown) and Tasty n Sons (N Williams)
    Delicious brunch spot that also has great dinner options (caveat - I've yet to have dinner at the N Williams location). Well-executed, creative takes on comfort food.
  11. Pambiche (NE Glisan)
    flavorful Cuban food and desserts in a colorful atmosphere. Small place with more room when the weather is suitable for their covered outdoor seating on the sidewalk
  12. Cloud City (SE Gladstone) and Salt & Straw (Multiple) ice cream
    Portland has many great ice cream and gelato options but these are our favorites. Cloud City has better ice cream and shorter lines, but Salt & Straw has more interesting flavors and is where we take first-time visitors.
  13. Mediterranean Exploration Company (Pearl)
    Great food with even better service in the heart of the Pearl District. Small plates allow for a lot of variety. If you're lucky on a nice day you can snag seats at the small outdoor counter on the railing.