Basically anything with Ls and Rs, but other letter and sound combinations can get mangled when converted to the Japanese phonetic alphabet, including the addition of extra syllables. So in that SNL skit, "J-Pop America Fun Time Now", when they "speak Japanese" by adding "-duru" to the ends of English words, they're not that far off!
  1. I feel like I should post videos on YouTube of how Japanese people would say these names - the Japanese pronunciations of some sound AMAZING
  2. Larry
  3. Ronald
  4. McDonald's (not a first name but most people crack up when I tell them how Japanese people pronounce the name of the fast food chain - it has SIX syllables in Japanese!)
    Thought I'd mention it since Ronald I brought up Ronald
  5. Bridget
  6. Lorelai
  7. Valerie
  8. Arnold
  9. Robert
  10. Crystal
  11. Andrew
  12. Brooke
  13. Greg