All of the jobs I can recall aspiring to at various points in my life. Roughly in the order in which they came up.
  1. Jedi Knight / Crew Member, Millennium Falcon
    After seeing Star Wars Episode IV, a New Hope, I was enamored of light sabers and what a bad ass Han Solo was. At the time it was just called "Star Wars"
  2. Mall Traffic Control Officer
    Much to the chagrin of my grandfather, during a trip to the mall I pointed to the guy guiding traffic in the parking lot and announced "I want to do that when I grow up!". I'm pretty sure it was the combination of the whistle and flashlights with the orange glowing attachments. Kind of like light sabers (see above)
  3. Asian Cousin, Dukes of Hazzard
    Also around this era I wanted to be Fighter Pilot, Battlestar Galactica; Ninja (Snake Eyes-style), GI Joe; and Earth Defense Force, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Clearly TV was an influence.
  4. 2nd Baseman, NY Mets
    As I started Little League, baseball became my passion. Even as a kid I was pragmatic and realized I didn't have the arm to play many other positions. It was either Mets or Yankees, I chose Mets which was thrilling just a few years later, and pretty much nothing but disappointment since.
  5. Rhythm Guitarist, Van Halen
    Everyone knew "Jump" but my older neighbor, Mark, made sure I heard the "good stuff" and introduced me to their earlier albums (especially "Women & Children First") beginning my obsession with the guitar. Again, pragmatically, I realized they were set at lead guitar but could maybe use a rhythm guitarist.
  6. Host, Late Night
    Every summer vacation brought the freedom to watch Late Night with David Letterman and aspire to take over his desk some day
  7. Point Guard, New York Knicks
    I assume most people's dream jobs get slightly more realistic the older they get. Not me. As basketball overtook baseball as my favorite sport, I decided I wanted to become the starting point guard for the Knicks and the only Asian player (at the time) in the NBA. I spent hours practicing dribbling and shooting, but nothing helped me grow beyond 5'9" or gain any athleticism. I'd like to think I helped pave the way for Jeremy Lin.
  8. Genetic Engineer
    I was good at math and liked science. For some reason I got it in my head that I wanted to invent a chlorophyll dog which would be a pet you only had to water and take for walks in the sun. No food or poop bags needed!
  9. Translator, LA Dodgers
    When Hideo Nomo began pitching in the majors, I thought it would be awesome to be his translator. My Japanese wasn't great but he needed someone who could translate all those baseball phrases (e.g., can of corn, frozen rope, Texas leaguer) properly!
  10. Strategy Consultant
    This is the only job on my list that I actually ever managed to experience. After working as an internal consultant at a company I asked my colleagues how to make a career of it. They suggested business school then a consulting firm. Fortunately, no one mentioned how challenging it would be go get into those or I might not have done it!
  11. Founder, Real Estate Investment Fund
    After a couple of successful real estate investments I thought it would be fun to raise money to do more of them, full-time.
  12. Winner, Power Ball and/or Mega Millions
    I tried when the jackpot topped $1 billion recently.