Pets - good food-themed dog names

We've fostered many dogs for out local Humane Society and had the opportunity to name several. We like food themed names so we've been keeping a running list. Will keep adding to this as we remember / think of more. Asterisks for names we've already had a chance to use
  1. Mocha* and Meatball*
    First-time fostering experience. We got to name two adorable little puppies waiting to get old enough for they neutering.
  2. Porkchop*
    The biggest of a litter of 8 born in our house to foster mama Kylie
  3. Curry*
    The one beige puppy in Kylie's litter of 8 mostly black and brown pups. Originally and temporarily named "Beige", which our friend @bridgetharris finds hilarious. Cut us some slack, it 2am and the puppies were coming fast!
  4. Chocolate Tuxedo*
    Another temporary name for one of Kylie's puppies. Because of the white splotch on the chest we named her Tuxedo. But then we noticed she was brown so she became Chocolate Tuxedo. Give us a break, it was 3am
  5. Udon**
    Our friends Christina and Jason have already used this one
  6. Mochi, Sushi, Miso
    Japanese theme
  7. Bacon, Nugget
    Meat theme
  8. Cheddar, Gouda, Poutine
    Cheese theme
  9. Gnocchi, Pesto, Scampi
    Italian theme although does Scampi really count as Italian?
  10. Pickles
  11. Gumbo, Chowder
    Soup theme
  12. Nutella, Custard, Skittles, Pez
    Sweets theme
  13. Peanut and Butter
    These names were to go with our neighbor dog, "Jelly" but we moved away before that could happen
  14. Pistachio
    But theme
  15. Coconut*, Oreo*, and Brownie*
    Already pets in our extended family with these names. Coconut is a dog, the others are cats. Guess what colors they are!
  16. Barley
    Grain theme?
  17. Bagel, Biscuit, Crouton, Donut
    Baked goods theme
  18. Mushroom
  19. Peaches*
    We already know a dog that our friend Mike would dog-sit from time to time
  20. Hummus, Pita
    Middle eastern themed