We're getting a puppy! We're getting a puppy! 💛💛💛
  1. Ticonderoga Number Two ✏️
    Too bad. Is there anything more faithful and dependable?
  2. Daffodil 🌼
    Daffy Duck. Nope.
  3. Lemon 🍋
    Meyer? Better. Merengue? Hell, no!
  4. Banana 🍌
  5. Lager 🍻
    Maybe. No. Teenaged kids. Bad message.
  6. Cheddar? Tillamook? 🧀
    Kinda cheesy?
  7. Sunny ☀️ and Honey 🍯
    Sweet but...meh.
  8. Luna 🌙 and Stella 🌟
  9. Finch. There is no goldfinch emoji. And there is no doggy like our late, great, beloved Finch.
    RIP, darling Finchy. Please send us a new naughty puppy to heal our hearts and destroy our home. 💛💛💛
  10. PS
    I have an awesome name in mind. It hasn't passed family committee. They are stubborn. I'm open to suggestions.