Our 6 1/2 year old golden retriever
  1. Finch is NOT named for Atticus Finch.
    No disrespect. Just other reasons.
  2. Finch IS named Finch because...
  3. The goldfinch is the state bird of Washington, where I grew up.
    A previous golden, Salish, also had a name that was a nod to the Evergreen state, but that goofy dog is a whole other story.
  4. Goldfinches are, you know, gold.
    Like a golden. Get it?
  5. The goldfinch is the golden retriever of birds.
    Social, adaptable, delightful, charming, fun. Except I don't think birds eat cheese.
  6. Our twins were 9 when Finch joined our family, and we hardcore sold the name Finch.
    So we wouldn't end up with SparkleTinkleFairySpiderman. Nine year olds should love dogs, not name them.
  7. Other things about Finch and her name(s)...
  8. Finch is a girl. He. Is. A. Girl.
    Okay, Gram?!
  9. Finch also answers to "Poodle."
    I dunno. It cracks us up.
  10. We also call her Poots von Toots.
    Though we are not Dutch and she's not particularly farty. I dunno.
  11. Recent text to my husband so he would know I had walked Finch:
  12. He is the best worst golden evah!
    He. Is. A. GIRL.