She is spending a couple of days with us. This is just a tiny sampling of her odd interpersonal skills. ⏳🔫☠🍷
  1. "I took the French toast out of the fridge, but you can't bake it like that."
    Because last night, when I prepped this recipe that she wanted, I put Saran Wrap instead of aluminum foil on the baking dish. I know that you can't put Saran Wrap in the oven, Mom. 📛❓🃏
  2. "That mattress is so hard."
    In response to, "Did you sleep well?" 🛏 👿
  3. "You're going to do three things for me this morning."
    Oh, good morning to you, too! ☀️ I might have gone with, "Would you please help me with a couple things I'm having trouble doing." 🍯
  4. 1. Place an Amazon order.
    Easy! Done! 📦
  5. 2. Replace the teeny thingies in her hearing aids.
    Piece of cake! 🍰
  6. 3. Pluck her chin hairs.
    Noooo! 😱 Yes, I did it. 😔
  7. She does crack me up with this stuff.
    And I do call her "My Cactus." 🌵
  8. I love her even though she's all sharp edges. 📐
    And my sweet children see that I treat her with love and respect, despite the prickly demeanor, so I know I'm honoring my mother, teaching my children, and ensuring my future curmudgeon-hood will be tolerated. ✔️✔️✔️
  9. I'm secretly looking forward to the next kooky thing she says.
    Sigh. Family. 🙉🙈🙊