Plane travel tips for parents of young travelers ✈️

Maybe traveling with twins forced me to up my toddler travel game, but it would be nice to see a little more effort in the friendly skies.
  1. Socks. So many barefooted toddlers.
    In our family, we have a saying: "No socks, no sympathy." Planes are dirty and chilly and no place for bare little feet. Sure, they'll kick the socks off here and there, but at least give it a shot.
  2. A fleece and/or blankie. So many toddlers in nothing more than a sleeveless top and shorts.
    Again. Planes are chilly. And plane upholstery is itchy. Soft little skin deserves better. Jammies.
  3. A bottle and/or sippy cup. So many wailing toddlers with nothing to put in their little mouths.
    Comfort and ear pressure regulation in one delivery system.
  4. Cheerios, Teddy Grahams, Goldfish. So many hungry little toddlers. Where are the snacks? Bonus points for forbidden treats.
    One cried, "I'M HUNGRY!" for 40 minutes until the free pretzels came.
  5. A pacifier.
    Trust me, they won't go to college needing it and they won't wreck their teeth.
  6. A book, a toy, a lovey. Where are all the teddy bears these days?
    So many empty little hands and arms.
  7. Crayons. So many toddlers being faux-babysat by electronics while their parents ignore them.
    So many bored little people. I know there must be lots of parents still talking, reading, and singing with their little ones. Maybe they don't fly.
  8. A stroll up and down the aisles. No one seems to stroll anymore. It might work, but even if it doesn't calm your little one, it earns parents sympathy and empathy.
    So many cramped and cooped up little flying friends.
  9. An appreciation for the size of the Atlantic Ocean.
    It's a long flight.
  10. A rueful smile.
    People skills, people. Work your audience so you have allies when your kid is a train wreck and you want to cry yourself. People are good and kind, and so often very generous and willing to help.
  11. That is all. Fly safely, Godspeed, and BE PREPARED!