Teaching My Son To Drive

Lesson one
  1. I drove us in my Honda Pilot (which is name Chuck Yeager - get it?) to the Pentagon North parking lot.
    Huge space, lots of security.
  2. My son drove us around for an hour, working on looking before going (this seems to be a non-intuitive skill), coming to a complete stop before changing from drive to reverse...
    One of the cops gave us a friendly wave. I think we cracked him up. Especially when we used a ski analogy and practiced carving turns.
  3. We didn't hit anything.
    We didn't break any laws.
  4. We laughed a lot and high-fived a lot.
    I wish I knew about .gifs b/c I know you li.sters like them.
  5. It was fun, highly successful, and we are driving again tomorrow.
    But somewhere else. Too bad we can't get into the CIA lot. Kidding!!!! We don't want any trouble.
  6. I'm drinking a robust glass of wine now.
    Teaching a teen to drive while maintaining the impression of relaxed calm is really f-ing stressful. I love that kid. So much. And I love Chuck Yeager.
  7. Did I mention that my son has a twin sister?
    OMG. So. Much. Driving. Ahead. Help.
  8. Tips???