1. Which butter do you use for baking? (Usually unsalted.)
  2. How do you remove ticks?
    (If you cover them with Vaseline, they will wriggle out on their own.)
  3. How do you get stains out of everything?
    (Liquid dish soap on food stains like red sauce and chocolate, a good, long soak in a bucket w/ H2O - I use hot water, even though lots of people say to use cold, but have you ever seen a stain I can't get out? - and OxyClean for "Girly Stuff" stains, and always quick attention/treatment of stains. Never wash something until you're sure you've done everything in your power, including calling me, to get it out, because after you launder it, that stain is forever.)
  4. How do you get wax out of a tablecloth?
    (Put the fabric between two pieces of brown paper bag and iron, shifting the paper to fresh spots as necessary, until all the wax has melted and transferred from the fabric to the paper.)
  5. How do you make scrambled eggs that are soft and yummy?
    (Get your plate out before you start. Cook low and slow - be patient, keep those eggs moving, and pull them off the low-ish heat before they look done.)
  6. Will you miss me?
    (OMG. So much. )