1. California
    My uncle lived there for awhile so my Grandma too me and my younger sister for a trip to Disneyland. Many years later while in College I took a spring break trip for credit and saw the entire state from San Francisco down to San Diego in the course of a week.
  2. Utah
    While on the Spring Break trip to California mentioned above we took a day trip across the state line to a ski resort. It was my first time on the slopes so I didn't enjoy it too much.
  3. Nevada
    Again on the Spring Break trip we wandered over into Nevada and spent the night in Reno. We joked about how funny it would be if two of us got married in one of those Las Vegas style chapels. Thankfully nobody went through with it.
  4. Arizona
    My Dad and Step Mom were married at the Grand Canyon.
  5. New Mexico
    Growing up we used to meet my Grandparent in Ruidosa. Our parents would drop us off and we go back stay and Grandmothers for the week before they would take us back. My favorite meal at the diner we always stopes at was a hot beef sandwich.
  6. Colorado
    I lived in Eaton till I was about 13. I still love going back to visit friends, sight see up in the mountains, and visit old stomping grounds in Denver.
  7. Wyoming
    I lived in Laramie for 6 months during high school. I once scared the crap out of my Mom when I was 4 hours late back from a trip to see my Dad in Colorado but it was before everyone had a cell phone and the closed down the pass for a freak snowstorm.
  8. North Dakota
    There is a tiny town called Bowman that has the closest theater to my grandmas house in SD. So on visits we would drive up there to see movies.
  9. South Dakota
    My Grandma lived in the tiny town of Buffalo. We spent many summers and Christmas vacations there. Most memorable was the towns drug store that still had an old time soda fountain where we would get ice cream.
  10. Nebrask
    I was born there but moved to Colorado by the time I was 1 so other than driving through on road trips there aren't any lasting memories of the state. It doesn't stop my family from teasing me that I'm a Cornhusker though.
  11. Kansas
    When I was 15 I drove across the state "illegally" I thought I had a valid learners permit only to find out a week later when I got back home that they had issued it a month early. #oops
  12. Oklahoma
    My Dad and Step Mom live here. For a summer in college I lived with them and worked at the restaurant in the Raddison hotel out by the OKC airport. I try to remember that it was a character building experience but real it was just awful!
  13. Texas
    With Family around Amarillo and going to college at Texas A&M I have way too many memories to pick just one. On a weekend trip with a college boyfriend I got about as close to Mexico as you can without crossing the boarder and that as close as I've ever been to leaving the country.
  14. Louisiana
    Some friends and I went to New Orleans for spring break. I loved Cafe Dumond and tried crawfish for the first time. Other than that it just wasn't up my alley so I've never been back.
  15. Arkansas
    I lived here for almost a year right out of college. I worked for Tyson and felt like an adult in the real world for the first time.
  16. Missouri
    This is home. We moved here in 1994 and you could still see damage from the big flood the year before. I was convinced this was the worst decision my Mom and Step Dad had ever made. There would be worse (see the six month move to Wyoming) and had we never moved I may never have met my Husband. We're high school sweethearts
  17. Iowa
    I drive through a tiny corner of the state on my way to visit family in SD and I'm always annoyed by the speed limit.
  18. Illinois
    As a present when I graduated high school my Dad took me on a trip to Chicago and I swore at the time that I would move back there one day. Never worked out that way which I don't regret. I don't know that I'm meant for big city life.
  19. Krntucky
    I drove through the state on my way to Nashville and Atlanta on two different trips. I got a kick out of the town names and debated with those in the car how to pronounce them.
  20. Tennesse
    I went to a knitting retreat in Nashville one summer. Best grits I've ever had were at a little cafe just across from the Vanderbilt campus.
  21. Georgia
    My first year with Thirty-One the national conference was in Atlanta. We spent our off time touring the Coca-Cola museum and trying to explain to waiters that when I said "tea" I meant plain tea and not sweet tea then going off in a sleep deprived rant about the fact that you can't "un-sweet" something. It plain, then you sweeten. You can't go back the other way!
  22. Virginia/Maryland/DC
    I'm lumping these together. The summer after my junior year in high school I went to the Washington Leadership Conference for FFA. We toured the capital and several sites in the area. It was my first (and so far only) trip to the east coast. I got a crush on one of the counsellors and mooned over him all week. Probably made an ass out of myself in the process, lol.