Allow me to Listroduce™ Myself

Inspired by many. This is me :)
  1. Me
    As photographed by a pro. I get a new one done every year at a leadership retreat. Why couldn't school pics be this good back in the day?
  2. Me
    With my kiddos on Mother's Day. They are my world!
  3. Me
    With the love of my life, my high school sweetheart, my hubs.
  4. Me
    The non-professional photo shoot version. I have naturally curly hair that I rock from time to time.
  5. Me
    Working! I'm a consultant with Thirty-One Gifts. #31guru
  6. Me
    Rocking my 80's look for a dance recital performance for my daughters dance class. I'll do anything, even look ridiculous in public, for them.
  7. Me
    With my favorite things; cold fall weather, getting to wear the things I knit, and coffee!!
  8. Me
    Trying to be healthy and exercise. It's not my favorite. Is it anyone's favorite?
  9. Me
    With my family in my favorite place, the Rockies.