He's 4 and headed to his last day of Summer school. He can't wait for kindergarten so how is he planning on making it through vacation?
  1. Eat sugar toast for Breakfast
    Mommy introduced him to cinnamon toast one day and then Daddy tried to make it and accidentally introduced him to sugar toast with just a dash of cinnamon. Now he thinks it's perfectly acceptable to eat sugar toast. Mommy is mean and always says no.
  2. Play outside
    This is one I can get behind! Hey if you're going to play in the garden at least pull some weeds while you're at it k :)
  3. Never take a nap
    I may have to give into this one. They get a rest time at kindergarten but he's going to have to get used to no nap or be a complete monster next year.
  4. Go to HyVee
    My little weirdo loves to grocery shop.
  5. Never wear pants
    He's not a fan of clothes. If he's inside all he'll wear is underwear all day long. When it's crazy hot outside I wish I were 4 and could get away with that too.
  6. Go to the pool.
    Our local pool is more like a water park and not cheap. Maybe I'll spring for one of those kiddie pools this year.
  7. Never have a bedtime
    I have to decide which is more important; my quiet time at night, or sleeping in come morning?
  8. Eat peanut butter
    We have a nut free campus at school so the kid misses his pb sandwiches and snacks.
  9. Buy school supplies
    This is what he's been waiting four long years for! His older sister always gets glue and crayons, and markers when she goes to school. Finally it's his turn!