Inspired by @aniko
  1. Just one more row
    Said anytime I'm interrupted while knitting.
  2. For the love of Pete!
    It's how I "curse" in front of the kids. I know I say this a lot because my son once asked me who is Pete and why do I love him? LOL
  3. Just throw it away
    My husband and two kids are pack rats and I fight an ongoing battle to keep them from breaking over into hoarder status.
  4. Whoop!
    The sound I make when I cheer and am happy. It's from my days at Texas A&M.
  5. Does it look done?
    Husband will open the oven door and ask "is this done" and my response is always "does it look done?" One day he'll learn to just ask me to check on whatever he's baking.