Knitting I'm crazy proud of!

I knit a lot and love it all but these projects...just wow. I love them!
  1. Baby items are just too cute!
    I made this little layette for a contest from handspun yarn.
  2. Socks
    These "feets" of engineering are so satisfying to knit but even more satisfying to crank out on an antique sock knitting machine.
  3. This rabbit
    Every year I knit my kids an Easter Bunny. This little guy was the first!
  4. The Summit Shawl
    This scarf was knit for my sister. I had to learn to knit right and left handed for this one. It was easy but looks crazy hard.
  5. Puppets
    Once you master socks the next logical step is sock puppets.
  6. The ten stitch blanket
    This blanket is knit in a spiral and you only ever have to knit 10 stitches!
  7. The Vortex
    This one just came out looking amazing.