My Top 5 Cooking Essentials

Inspired by @lidiabastianich
  1. Cast Iron Skillet
    It's so seasoned nothing can stick to it and it lets me sear a steak like a boss
  2. Mix 'N Chop (R)
    It's a pampered chef tool but it makes browning ground beef crazy easy.
  3. A huge bread bowl
    I do make a lot of bread in it but it comes in handy for other times when I need a huge mixing bowl.
  4. Pizza Stone
    Actually all of my bakeware is stone. It heats evenly and seasons like cast iron for a non-stick surface.
  5. Micro Cookers (R)
    Another Pampered Chef item. I'm a busy mom and sometimes it's easier to steam veggies or brown hamburger in the microwave than it is to use the stove.