The Great Keller Adventure of Memorial Day 2016

We went on a little family adventure yesterday through our own backyard. 350 miles, 9 towns and 15 tourist attractions and never more than a couple hours from home.
  1. The first stop
    Seeing the worlds largest goose, Maxie. Fun fact she's also a weather vane that turns with the wind.
  2. On to the next town
    And the home of the worlds largest pecan. The 4 year old insists it needs a name and dubs it "pecan-ee"
  3. While we're here let's see the river
    That's the Missouri River which is currently at flood stage.
  4. Daddy knows a better place to look at the river.
    In Glasgow we can go out on a catwalk for a better view and lucky kids got some donuts from the local VFW group who were meeting at the same place.
  5. If you're in town check out Stump Island park where cars used to be ferried across the river
    I guess that's why you can drive right up to the bank....or maybe it's just the flood.
  6. And I do mean "right up to the bank"
  7. Back in the car, bring on the first historic site.
    Boones Lick is a natural salt spring that was important to ranchers and their livestock back in the day. My kids just like any trail through the woods.
  8. Next on our list of Historic sites was the cobblestone street river access in Booneville
    Remnants of a street that went straight down to the river during the Civil War so people could trade on the river.
  9. The first of many stops on the Katy Trail
    The Katy Trail follows the old MKT railroad across the state.
  10. Which is a good thing for kids like mine.
    They are obsessed with trains.
  11. They get it from their Dad
  12. This is an old railway bridge, now part of the trail.
    The center could raise to allow for river traffic.
  13. The center is permanently raised now that it's no longer in use
  14. The kids were hungry so we found an A&W that I'm pretty sure was straight out of the 70's
  15. A ways down the road but still on the Katy Trail
    We hiked for a mile or so along the river bluffs
  16. They were breathtaking!
  17. The river was pretty amazing too
  18. We saw some wildlife
    Thankfully no snakes!
  19. And even got to explore some interesting relics from the old railroad days
    Like this shelter built into the bluffs
  20. My favorite part of the trip was this railway tunnel carved out of the bluffs.
  21. We left nature behind for a bit
    And took the kids to the Mizzou campus
  22. Then back in the car and a nap for me!
    When I woke up we had made it to the Union Covered Bridge
  23. One of only 4 left in the state
    See the third one down? That's in our hometown!
  24. Everywhere we went the rivers and creeks were flooding so our oldest was a bit peeved she couldn't wade in the creek like Daddy had promised in the car
  25. One more stop!
    The Clarence Cannon Dam
  26. These stairs to the lookout nearly did me in!
  27. But the view was worth it!
    Now back home.