I can adult with the best of them unless it's doing one of these
  1. Backing up a car.
    I manage to back straight out of my short driveway and parking spots about 98% of the time without incident. Any time I've been in an accident it's due to the car going in reverse.
  2. Don't ever ask me to drive a pickup and trailer
    That accident in reverse rate goes WAY up the larger the vehicles get.
  3. Keeping up with the laundry
    I'm forever drowning in laundry. None of my systems have ever worked. I blame the kids.
  4. Mowing the lawn
    I happily leave this task to the hubs.
  5. Drawing
    I never made it past stick figures much to the dismay of my mother who is an artist and my 9 year old who outshines me in this area.
  6. Folding fitted sheets
    Not even YouTube has been able to help with this one.