Meal planning is not my forte but apparently we need to eat to survive. So...
  1. What can I make with lettuce?
    We have a ton of it in the garden but we already had salad for lunch.
  2. 6 dozen eggs in the fridge
    Maybe it's a breakfast kind of night?? 🍳☕️
  3. Why do we have so many eggs and how is it they've never gone bad before we use them?
  4. Not enough pulled BBQ chicken for everyone.
    Maybe I could use it on the lettuce?
  5. Nope. That would be gross
  6. That chicken tastes better than it looks! 🍗
  7. Chicken in gross!
    But it tastes good.
  8. HELL NO!
    Why does my husband buy this and then eat them??
  9. Why do we live so far from town?
    I wish I could just order pizza! 🍕🍕
  10. Add hamburger for goulash??
    But we just had that earlier this week.
  11. I give up!
    I should make them fend for themselves.
  12. The kids want breakfast.
  13. The hubs agrees.
  14. They win!
    Pancakes and little smokies it is.