Words of wisdom my Grandmothers gave me

These women taught me so much!
  1. Stand up tall and hold your head up high.
    She was afraid I'd get a hump from slouching but I like to pretend it was her way of saying "don't let the haters hate"
  2. Just toss in some more flour till it looks right.
    They both taught me how to cook and neither used measuring cups. Basically "fake it till you make it"
  3. Don't brag
    If people can't take the time to get to know you and see you for how amazing you are, move on.
  4. You've got to let the gravy boil
    Be patient. You may not see the success right away so try not to spoil it while you wait.
  5. When I said "back yonder" I meant down the hall and to the right.
    Not really advice but still a great lesson on clear communication.
  6. Drink whisky and water
    "This is a ladies drink, stick to it and you won't have a hangover". Advice she was given by her mother apparently. Not sure that it's scientifically sound but she was right about everything else so....