1. 🎶Take yourself somewhere nice and easily to a better place joy is the 🗝 🎶 each moment and go to the place that brings you happiness 🎶 natural thoughts🎶 it's beautiful
  2. 🎸 Ask for it get out of the way (believe it... It will come to you)
  3. When you pay attention your in charge (I can do anything at all) feel good now joy is the 🗝 be good to yourself (am I in the flow) believe it when you look for good in everyone you meet. Thoughts up high 🙌🏼
  4. Cosmos by Jiang Xiao-Qing
  5. Along with my deeper side 🗿 aware of this moment let go of the fears on purpose (my true self it's awake open to a higher vision)
  6. (Guitar) 🎶there is abundance and I am thankful for the gifts i have been giving in the flow with nature choose to be more present🎶 I see you as successful
  7. 👏🏼 with a thankful heart (each new day beginnings I see the joy in simple things outside and within ) live with forgiveness and look for the goodness in all (trust in my heart)
  8. 🎹 🎶 I am the 🌞 I am the sea (the world inside of me) everlasting all around rejoicing within the sound (I am in You, You are in me) 🎶 Safe and sound
  9. 🎶I am connected to life 🎶 I am here at the right time🎶 Healthy filled with Energy, look good and radiant🎶
  10. 🎶Peace begins with me🎶 👏🏼✌🏽️my thoughts all peace every part of the world (past, present and future )
  11. Through the eyes of Kindness, I will be aware of my breathe and notice (perception and Environment)