It's the age of the kindle! You're FREE to get lost in the world of romance, YA, & New Adult books w/o the fear of judgement from the person at the table next to you. This isn't your mom's bodice ripper reads (not that there's anything wrong with that) but today's romance is tomorrow's movies!! A quick indie author list you need to read!!
  1. Dark romance is growing in population. Fans are intrigued with the dark alpha. Empathy by British indie author Ker Dukey is the perfect dark read to get your feet wet. Taste a bit of the dark side with Blake and Melody. Available on Amazon, B&N & iBooks
  2. New Adult an new(ish) genre that meshes just the right amount of romance and erotica.The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window, already translated in several languages and boasts being on iBooks all time bestseller list! After reading this book by Kirsty Moseley you will quickly devour her books. Available on iBooks, Amazon, Google Play, B&N, & Kobo
  3. Tarryn Fisher has already made a name for herself on lists like the NYT bestsellers list but those thinking romance isn't for them, need to try F*ck Love. A witty, page turner that will captive you, anger, you, inspire you, and plant a seed for more amazing romance reads to follow and nurture.
  4. With the age of Sons of Anarchy the must have alpha list has grown to include the bad boy biker and the clubs they belong to! USA Today's bestselling author Tillie Cole's Hangman series tops my list of musts. While its tame compared to its brothers from other clubs. You are guaranteed to embark on an emotional roller coaster fide full of feels!