Don't start a conversation about these subjects with me. Just...don't.
  1. Tom Clancy's The Division
    This was an impulse buy that I didn't foresee myself becoming obsessed with. It would be just like Call of Duty - pick it up, get halfway through the campaign, play multiplayer twice and realize how bad I was at it, then tuck it away to collect dust until I traded it in to GameStop for $1.25. Nah. I got nothing but good things to say about it. 100%, ass-kissing fangirl. Its all 100%. It's my crack, my heroin, my hypothetical piece of really, really good D. Can't leave it alone. Just can't.
  2. Fallout 4
    I haven't shut up about Fallout since 3. I've got a Vaultboy tattoo for godsake. Even still, FO4 is another highly addictive drug for me. Never mind the usually Bethesda bullshittery, I fucking live for FO4. The settlements? Sims, you say? When I can make a straight-up goddamn meth hut (compete with the disgusting chemistry table and ratty door) behind my house in the Sims, your argument will have validity. Yeah. I do wish the Sole Survivor knew how to use a sniper scope. Learn to aim, moron.
  3. Borderlands 2
    Yeah, another video game focusing on gunning someone/thing down. Beginning to think I'm some kind of violent, foul-mouthed geek or somethin. So, BL2: violent, vulgar, and ridiculous. Like...heads explode when you shoot them. Sure, that could happen with a shotgun but a pistol? Come on. The bandits are really stupid but that just add to the hilarity. Did I mention the antagonist is a rich, sociopathic douchebag with a fake face? Don't worry, you get to kill his daughter in the end. Spoiler alert.
  4. Busch Gardens
    For real - summer is here, it's time to break out the backless shirts, shorts, and walking shoes and hit up good ol' BGW. The crowds, the heat, the bratty children, the churros...and the roller coasters! I don't know about anyone else but summer isn't quite summer without waiting in line for 90 minutes to experience a 90 second fast-paced thrill. Hm, that actually sounds like what happened with several of my exes...I guess I enjoy that more than I thought! Ah, summer.
  5. The End of the Semester
    Well, technically 5/5 is the start of finals week for me but finals are synonymous with the end of a semester, so fuck it. I'm ready to be done with the stress, done with the projects and done with the head-in-the-textbook-on-weekends. Don't get me wrong, I love going to university and I love furthering my education but I'll be damned if I couldn't stand a break. Tbh, I dunno why I'm so summer classes start on 5/13... Like I said, I love learning and hey, a break is a break!
  6. C++
    Okay, I know. It's the beginning language for any CS major but I feel so great when I successfully write my little program that calculates how much change to return to someone. I feel like I'm actually taking a step to becoming a bigger and better nerd. God I love computers and I love coding. It sometimes makes me what to throw my computer, the school's computer, and even my grandma's computer out the window but there's just something about it that make me want to keep going. C++ is teh sex.