I do not have many @Li.st followers, let me tell you why...

  1. Cos nobody likes the stuff I List,😔
    Hey, can't force ya. Or can I? <wink, wink> With my @starwars @Jedi mind tricks...
  2. My List ain't funny or not serious enough
    Check out my other lists. If you don't like, click unlike 😉.
  3. I don't have hundreds of @facebook friends to get to join me as followers
    I had a preference for direct media rather than social media. Things have changed but I suffer the social consequences directly.
  4. The dot in my name "@JustDee, and a dot" might scare away followers.
    A phobia of dots I can only presume.
  5. I'm listing during the wrong time zone.
    If everyone is asleep or busy then my lists will move down (pause) their lists.
  6. My English is too perfek.
    I get that alot.
  7. Add more from your experiences.
    Or just (1) click on da heart thing, (2) click on the square thing, and most importantly, (3) click on the +Follow thing. Thats the intention of this List right? Thank you very much !!! (smiley face) (taking a bow).