I like mine not liquid. try this out one day...
  1. You need: eggs, milk, cooking oil, a flat shallow frying pan, fine salt, fine or crushed dry black pepper, spatula
    Some may want to use olive oil and low fat milk. Spatula is a utensil with a handle used sometimes to flip eggs or burgers.
  2. Add some oil into the pan and heat on a stove to medium temperature.
    Electric stove or gas, doesn't matter. You can judge how much of oil. Less the better health wise. Aim is not to fry really.
  3. While pan is heating (or before), crack up a few eggs in a bowl. Add a little milk and beat up with a whisk or fork.
    Allow 2-3 eggs per person. Ratio one tablespoon milk for 1-2 eggs.
  4. Add the whipped egg+milk liquid to the heated frying pan and ensure heat is medium to low.
    Can add any amount egg liquid as you wish. Ofcos do not overflow the pan 😀
  5. Using the spatula, continuously move the cooked liquid at bottom of frying pan from the sides to the centre.
    You will notice the cooked egg lumping in the centre. That's good.
  6. Continue to move cooked egg at the base of the pan from the side to the centre. This ensures no over-cooking and also a good even cook.
  7. If it's too liquidy, then use spatula to spreadout the partly egg over the pan again and continue to move the cooked parts inwards. At the same time, season with salt and pepper.
    I prefer to add some seasoning during this stage so it mixes in with the cooked egg.
  8. You should now have soft fluffy looking eggs and no liquid. Turn down (off) the heat. Serve while steaming or later is fine as the fluffy eggs will still be bursting with flavor.
  9. Those who like liquidy scrambled eggs, then just reduce the spatula movements to your liking. And turn down heat earlier. Easy.
  10. Plate up, taste and season more to your preference. Eat as is, with a fork or with toasted bread.
    I enjoy my fluffy eggs with some spicy sauce.
  11. Tip: if enjoying the fluffy eggs with tomato sauce then you can cutback on the salt seasoning as tomatoe sauce has enough salt flavoring.
  12. Now I'm hungry and it's still many hours till breakfast 😊