I will start with this week...
  1. Went to eat taiwanese dim sum nearby. Tasty good food. My chop stick skills are amazing.
  2. Watched two night time light shows. One in the trees at a botanical garden and one over the water at a bay.
  3. Went for a night time zoo visit. It had a night show with night animals and a nice safari drive to view the well looked after animals.
  4. Went for day time river zoo. River systems of the world and all the water animals that live in those rovers.
  5. Went to a cloud forest conservatory. Amazing how they created a cloud rain forest in a huge dome, to enjoy a 1hr walk, in a dry hot city.
  6. Went to a theme Park for an awesome movie character experiences and fast rides.
  7. LAST WEEK: I did nothing but work.
  8. WEEK BEFORE: also just work.
  9. I'm just impressed how much I've done and enjoyed all of it. With my friend.