counting down to my number 1.... starting with...
    I'm always checking out details as I pass by new places and when I search for short trips. I'm always short Li.sting places I want to visit after I read reviews.
  2. 9 - BLOOMBERG
    For stock prices on the markets. Prices of shares or stocks I own and also those nice to have ones that I can't afford.
  3. 8 - XE CURRENCY
    I also like to watch exchange rates. USD, British Pound, Euros, and so on...dont forget I'm counting down :-) so don't paint me as a geeky Accountant yet. Though you won't be half wrong 😜
  4. 7 - GOOGLE MAPS
    I'm always checking out where places are exactly, how far and the best routes to use. Especially when I'm using Uber 😀 I just don't wanna get lost and loose time.
  5. 6 - LINKEDIN
    Cos I'm still looking for my new employment and trying to connect with peeps.
  6. 5 - NEWS24
    To stay up to date on local and international news. Only started reading news since last few years. Prior to that I was lost...
  7. 4 - CALENDAR
    Making sure I do not miss anything important. Try to keep it updated regularly. No room for errors here.
  8. 3 - CHROME
    My Google search app. I hear a question and I'm near trigger happy to Google it. For some reason I like to learn new things these days.
  9. 2 - MAIL
    The app connects me to my gmail, work mail, private mail, and other mail accounts I don't remember.
  10. 1 - WHATSAPP
    This is my premium means of staying connected to friends, family and strangers. Sorry Facebook, you not far away at number 11. And will always be in my top 50 😃