we started season one a few days ago and now we midway with season two.
  1. I'm watching with my friend who is now as addicted as me. I'm addicted twice cos I watched all these episodes before.
  2. We're laughing out so loud that my house-mate woke up from his 10hr sleep.
  3. We drank a health smoothie made I made with lots of things in it plus Broccoli and paused MINDY PROJECT to find some gum or anything to kill the Broccoli aftertaste.
  4. While plaused I'm writing this list and my friend is on tinder checking out her prospects. She's done and waiting for me to finish my list. And her heavy impatient breathing starts.
  5. Now we unpause and enjoy more of Mindy. Ps: Morgan rocks.
  6. Here's my proof 😀