1. Door prize! 🎁
    Boo yah! How did they know I was dying for gingerbread house?
  2. Meal 🍗
    No complaints. I try to never complain about food as there are others that do not have it.
  3. Everyone socializing with beer in hand 🍺
    No one is breaking any HIPAA violations, so all seems well.
  4. Music starts. 🎶
    Everyone gathers to the center dance floor for organized dance. ChachaSlide everyone!
  5. Shots for everyone! Cheer to another year! 🍻
    And another shot for surviving last week. And another shot for surviving this party. And another half dozen for surviving life up to this point.
  6. Hey it's Karaoke time 🎤
    And apparently Mustang Sally is the Big Boss's song. 😶
  7. And more karaoke by HR directors husband 🎤
    Apparently when he thinks about his wife he touches himself. Then he grazes over those places while singing this interesting and wildly over informative rendition of the Divinyls 1990 hit.
  8. Lap Dances 😮
    Before mentioned Boss, lap dances husband, while before mentioned "I Touch Myself" singer makes money fly over them. You just can't look away from this but then you can't the image out of your mind either. Ever. Wow.
  9. Exit. 🏃🏻
    Yes it's only 8:45pm but I'm fearful of the what happens next factor. I grab my gingerbread house and run!
  10. Text from coworker still at party 📱
    "Where did you go? Did you leave?"
  11. Answer text from coworker 📲
    "Sorry had to get back to the kids. See you Monday! 😊"
  12. Translation 👋🏼
    Bye Felicia!