I've compiled a short list of my quirky fears. Enjoy!
  1. Snakes
    Not unlike a larger percentage of the world's population, I do not enjoy the thought of coming face to foot with any species of slithering, piercing eyed, long slender rapidly moving tongued snake. I also don't prefer plastic snakes, rubber snakes, wooden snakes, snakes in my nightmares, snakes on planes, snakes in tanks. None. No snakes.
  2. Adulthood
    Every choice I make... Fear. They made adulthood out to be the greatest thing I would ever experience. As a naive child, I couldn't wait to become an adult & do whatever I wanted. They lied.
  3. Gremlins
    Ok so Gizmo's cute but I'd rather be in a dark alley behind the local butcher shop with Freddy, Mike & Chucky than see any other gremlins.
  4. Furbies
    See #3. Furbies remind me of cute pre-creepy gremlins.
  5. And possibly the most feared.... E.T.
    Yes, you read that right. The beloved Stephen Spielberg character, the glowing fingered "Extra-Terrestrial" that just wants to "go home". It's unnatural and creepy... and I don't find anything about him cute. "Aw! But he's the good guy" they say. I don't care! If I have back to back nightmares, one about E.T & the other about me getting dropped into Jurassic Park, I last longer trying to out run the prehistoric carnivores...& I don't run! E.T = Evil.