Because I went to bed 2 hours ago and I'm still not asleep.
  1. My favorite animal is Velociraptor.
  2. I wear Pink on Wednesdays.
  3. I'm fluent in many Accents...
  4. --- American Business Professional
  5. --- Bimbo
  6. --- Redneck/Hillbilly
  7. --- Harry Potter
  8. I'm a Taurus
  9. Singer/Songwriter/BadAssTambourinePlayer
  10. I enjoy washing other people's dishes
  11. I enjoy walking up hill
  12. I don't remember how to do the Macarena
  13. However I can recite every lyric to every boy band song from the 90s.
  14. I believe Christina always comes before Britney
  15. I always pick dare.
  16. Mary Kate is my favorite Olsen Twin
  17. Still waiting on the answer to which came first. Chicken or the egg?