1. Legging trend starts...
    Hmmm. I'm not so sure of this. Continues on with her life without participating in current fashion trend.
  2. Legging trend explodes...
    You look around and 95% of the vaginal gender surrounding you are wearing them.
  3. Oh.My.😳
    85% should not be wearing it.
  4. I just saw....
    Her camel toe. Ew. 🐫
  5. And wow... I didn't want to see...😷
    Any of what she was showing. Apparently those leggings are serving as a shadow for all of those "No Show" features that the world is now getting a front row view to.
  6. I am never wearing leggings, ever.
  7. No. Never. You can't make me.
  8. ---Tries on a pair of leggings---
  9. 😳
  10. I don't care how fat I am. I'm buying these in every available color and pattern.
    Seriously. Every size L/XL ya got. I got cash, check, credit card or can go get you a money order of that's what you like, just put them in the bag sales clerk with the name I can't pronounce.
  11. I am NEVER wearing regular pants again.
  12. And that's the story about how it happened.
    How I went from a "my boyfriend jeans and converses are just fine" to leggings and boots and tunics to cover my "3 children later" bump.