1. Pretty Woman
    Who doesn't appreciate a good fairy tale about a rich, lonely, cynical man and a broke, hungry, prostitute?
  2. Friends with Benefits
    A flick that throws out all the awkward truths about sex & relationships, wrapping it into a hilarious chick flick with a killer soundtrack... Lots of Third Eye Blind, or was it Semisonic? (movie joke, I know it's the latter) Then there's Justin Timberlake which just makes everything better.
  3. Any Harry Potter
    Good vs. Evil. --- Real vs. Imaginary. --- Accents. 👍🏻 (and yes, I am reading/typing this in my best Hermione Granger accent.)
  4. Jurassic Park/World
    Dinosaurs. What other reason do you need?
  5. Anything old.