Apparently I attract all kinds of kinds.
  1. Crazy/Obsessive
    I don't care how much you love me, stalking & throwing toddler fits doesn't make me love you back.
  2. The Crier
    Uh. Wait. I thought I was the girl in the relationship? No tears here. "Here's a tissue & your dignity. Can you hand me my keys?"
  3. The Demand Man
    I don't get an option? You demand me to what? Oh let me show you how well that's gonna work. (Stepped out. Never stepped back in.)
  4. The Emotionally Unavailable
    Can't commit to all in? This one is for you. All-American, hardworking, blue collar, best friend type. He kinda loves you, you sorta love him back but "it's just not the right time" and who wants to complicate a good thing?
  5. The Asshole
    He's all of the above, plus some. This is the one I married. Apparently I wanted to keep life dramatic and interesting.