Some days you have to keep it interesting. Life's tough. It's easier when you are promoting laughter among your peers.
  1. British Accent / Urban Airhead
    I began the conversation with a British accent. Thanking them for calling and asking them how I may assist them. Then after a few moments I put them on hold to "transfer" them back to me who was then talking very valley girl.
  2. My Voice Mail Box
    As one of my superiors called, I answered the telephone "You have reached the desk of Jess. I apologize but I'm currently on another line giving the same courteous customer service that I will soon be giving you or have briefly stepped away from my desk. Please leave a message and I will return your call promptly." After a long confused paused from the other line, my boss says "Jess?" as she knows I do not have voicemail on my work phone.
  3. Australian Accent
    This didn't last long as I quickly realized I was meshing Australian with random other accents. Note to self: Become fluent in more accents than just Bimbo, Redneck, American Business Professional & Harry Potter.
  4. Jingle
    "Thank you for calling today. Hope we met all your needs in some way. Tell your friends, and their friends too. To call us up when you are feeling blue. We'll help them to find their way. Just have them give us a call today!"