15 hours with my sister, niece and my nephews wife and all I really got out of it was a headache and a bad case of the bitchies.
  1. A surplus of Bath & Body Works
    Buy 3 get 3 free! Then they drop the "you spent more than $35 in goodies and qualify to get our $100 tote bag (full of more B&BW) for $20!". So now I have more potential gifts & less money.
  2. A Rossi 243 for my daughter.
    Because I live in a redneck world and my husband demanded that I get one.
  3. A basketball for my kids
    Now to purchase a basketball hoop.
  4. Nail Art
    More little things for my kids to spread across my house.
  5. Candy
    Dove Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates & Dark Chocolate Raisins
  6. An array of fried foods & fast food
    Fried Pickles, French Fries, Mozzarella Sticks & anything else my sister could convince them to put on the platter. And Taco Bell.
  7. Under Armor Shoes
    Upon my husband's request
  8. Maxi Shirts
    For Mary-Kate & Ashley
  9. Starbucks
    For survival.
  10. Manicure
    Which, after 15 hours of chaos & being awake more than 24 hours, I nodded off through several times.