1. The New McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Menu
    I'm still baffled by this. There is nothing so incredibly edible on the breakfast menu that we can't wait until 7:00am the next day for, there just isn't.
  2. Why I Would Rather Be Home On A Rainy Day Than At Work
    I felt very Captain Obvious about this one. It's cold & rainy. There is anything else I would rather be doing than working on a rainy day. Like napping.
  3. Exes
    Ex-Friends. Ex-Flames. Either way it goes, they both burn you. Deeper and Longer than anyone cares to admit. Exes. The best medicine for that problem is space and lots of it for a long period of time, like a Lifetime, that's a good minimal time frame.
  4. People To Delete From Social Media
    When I finished outlining who I thought I should delete, I had an estimated 20 people left. Then I considered just deleting social media in general. What stopped me? I remembered my kids are cute and I need to share pics with my family so I don't have to pay for printing and mailing pics. Plus who wants to address all those envelopes?
  5. Reasons Why I Value @andlamb Friendship
    I still may do this one, as it's much deserved. I really don't know what I would do without her. Her friendship helps prevent me from being diagnosed & medicated. For that, I thank her. ❤️
  6. Reasons To Send My Kids To Bed Early
    Self explanatory. I'm a working parent and I'm exhausted.
  7. Homework.
    Now I can understand a little homework. However, somehow every night my children bring home a days work of homework. What do they do at school all day? Watch Disney movies back to back until time for lunch and recess then continue watching Frozen until the buses arrive to take your precious little children home? Come on teachers. Your job is to teach and I appreciate what you do. However I put in my work day, I don't want to do 8 hours of homework that they should have done in school.
  8. World Peace
    Everyone wants it. Everyone has an opinion how to get it. Still haven't got it. Sounds like a good way to end a list.