Ok so it's time for me to decide what I want to be when I grow up and college is on me to commit. So what should I go for?
  1. Outpatient Therapist
    Mental Health. I love it! Always wanted to be a therapist. But it takes SO long! And SO much college! And SO much money! Plus mental health is always bottom of the barrel as far as funding goes and the paperwork is brutal.
  2. Human Resources
    Quicker. And much easier/less expensive than being a Therapist. I know I'd be good at it however It will feel much less rewarding than Outpatient Therapy.
  3. Radio Personality
    I love music. I love being part of events. Maybe?
  4. Business Management
    A degree with many possible career titles.
  5. Education
    To teach or not to teach? That is the question.