1. Greater Miami area FL - 1982-1988
    A couple different apartments that I don't really know where they were.
  2. North Miami Beach FL - 1988-2000
    Little house on a man made lake right at the edge of the Broward county line.
  3. Gainesville FL - 2000-2004
    Dorm for a year, then two houses in the NW or "student ghetto." Wrote a novel about the houses. In it everyone starts a cult and has sex with each other then freaks out. This isn't what happened so much as how I choose to remember it, but also, it's basically close enough.
  4. Franklin TN - Summer 2004
    My parents moved here.
  5. New York NY - September 2004-January 2005
    48th and 8th, lawyer cousin's tiny 1bd on 30somethingth floor. I slept in the living room. He was gone a lot.
  6. Portland OR - Spring 2005
    SE Belmont and 33rd, later Stark and 26th.
  7. Franklin TN - Summer 2005
    My parents were still here.
  8. New York NY - September 2005-Spring 2006
    107th and Amsterdam, Craigslist sublet in a converted shotgun. Had to walk through building hallway to get to bathroom. Slept on floor until overstock.com air mattress arrived.
  9. Brooklyn NY - Spring 2006-Summer 2007
    Above the liquor store on Bushwick and Johnson. You still had to lie to get cabs to take you over the bridge. 3rd floor 4bd apartment, another craigslist find.
  10. New York NY - approx July-November 2007
    91st street and 3rd ave, 35th floor spacious 2bd with Onassis Reservoir views. Cousins from other side of the family moved to Hong Kong, weren't ready to sell yet.
  11. Brooklyn NY - December 2007-February 2012
    Montrose and Bushwick. Found this place by calling old landlord from the Johnson place and begging to be let back in. He was full but he knew a guy who had a place.
  12. Brooklyn NY - February 2012-May 2013
    13th street near 4th ave. Moved in with gf. Cozy 1 bs with home office/guest room on opposite end from bedroom. the bathroom and kitchen both sucked but we thought we'd stay 5 years. Building got sold and we took a lease buyout. Nice vacation in Norway and I paid off some student loans.
  13. Brooklyn NY - June 2013-April 2015
    Smith and Union in Carroll Gardens. Nicest neighborhood I've lived in. Technically a 1bd with home office but somehow always felt like a studio, probably because both office and bathroom were inside the bedroom. She didn't want to take the place but I insisted. After we got settled she grew to love it and it kind of made me nuts--specifically the office not having a door. We figured we'd stay for five years.
  14. Portland OR - this Friday - ????
    SE Ash street, Buckman neighborhood. GF, now fiancée, got a job running a book festival out there. She FaceTime'd me in when she went apartment hunting. I kept saying everything looked small and she kept reminding me I was looking at it on a phone. 2bd with spacious everything in 4 unit building. Washer/dryer hookups but you have to buy your own. Union Hall and pot dispensary on our block, at least according to google maps. Our stuff arrives the same day I do.