Seeing myself in a character is one of my favorite pastimes. Nothing is more comforting than knowing someone wrote these scripts and these characters because you're not the only one in the world that has gone through what you're going through or felt what you've felt.
  1. Brooke Davis
    tumultuous relationship with her father. wanted her own fashion line. moves to a city where she doesn't have much of a personal life when she's in her early twenties. vulnerable yet strong. sassy quips. would do anything for her friends and family. constantly a footnote in someone else's love story. has a hard time letting the man she loves in.
  2. Lorelai Gilmore
    addiction to coffee. adds pop culture references in every conversation. junk food junkie. eats just the noodles out of her chicken noodle soup. has a Luke. thinks wallowing is the best way to get over a breakup. loves the way we were. tendency to talk fast. "the perfect storm of caffeine and genetics"
  3. Summer Roberts
    have been known to say "I love shopping, tanning, and celebrity gossip. always have. always will." loves seth cohen.
  4. Rachel Green
    wants career in fashion but is a waitress in the meantime. close group of friends. known for her hair. keeps mementoes from her dates. parents divorced in her twenties. moves to new city where she only knows her high school best friend.
  5. Charlotte York
    the optimist, believer of true love in her group of friends. more reserved than all of her friends. wants to have a family. thinks you shouldn't say the F word in vera wang.
  6. Penny Lane
    fascinated by the world of rock and roll. falls for a guy who treats her like crap. has an eccentric friend group. loves coats. wants to travel the world. knows all the words to 'tiny dancer'. goes by the alias penny lane ( I use as my go-to to-go name - so I don't get called Justin or Christine )
  7. Blair Waldorf
    has been the "darth vadar to sunshine barbie" in comparison to my best friend. loves high fashion. has dreams of working at a magazine. wants to make her mother proud. loves pie.
  8. Elle Woods
    underestimated for having majored in fashion merchandising [the engagement dress shopping scene is a classic]
  9. Jesse from Pitch Perfect
    wants to give a "movie education"(something I've actually said in real life), loves popcorn, loves the soundtracks to movies as much as the actual movie, knows random movie facts [the billy idol/breakfast club tidbit was fascinating to me] had a weird freshman roommate
  10. Kathleen Kelly
    loves twirling, loves daisies (aka "the friendliest flower"), loves books especially children's literature, amazing relationship with her mother, loves starbucks, got a pedicure instead of voting in the mayoral election, thinks taking a garnish off the plate to eat is bad manners, loves tom hanks
  11. Duckie
    will perform a musical number to cheer up a friend, loves otis redding, thinks blaine is a dumb name, isn't emotionally ready to go to class, likes glasses, falls for his best friend but is still the best friend
  12. Milly Wilder from Because I Said So
    her entire aesthetic from her home to her outfits is similar to my own. one of three daughters with a super close bond with their single mother. loves to bake. loves men with cool tattoos. feels uncomfortable around pretentious people. wants to learn Italian. doesn't like when people order for her. rearranges her furniture often and then puts it right back where it was.