I watch a lot of movies. Like, a lot. And as someone who also obsesses over fashion, I tend to focus on the outfits of the characters as much as normal people focus on the plot. These costumes have stayed in my mind since the first time I saw them appear on screen.
  1. The ultimate.
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  2. The overall dress gave such a clear vision to who the character was. So whimsical. Made me want to be Molly. Also, it actually belonged to the costume designer's sister and has her name on the back of the dress, which I think makes it even more special.
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  3. Carrie does Vera.
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  4. "You look like my Barbie"
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  5. My favorite movie character of all time wearing my favorite jacket of all time.
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  6. First sighting of Gracie Lou Freebush
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  7. I cried.
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  8. Watching now it's funny how fashion comes back around and this could be seen on the street today.
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  9. Stunning.
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  10. "You're reading your newspaper upside down, it's gotta be better than fine!"
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  11. What I would want to wear performing a random musical number after taking down my ex husband with my best friends.
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  12. Iconic.
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