I am a sap.
  1. Weddings
    happy tears
  2. Wedding Videos
    Usually of people I don't know that I found via Pinterest
  3. The finale of every show ever
    Even when the finale is the only episode I've ever seen - floodgates open.
  4. Any cartoon movie ever
    Monsters Inc., Ice Age, Beauty and The Beast, you name it
  5. The Greys episode when Denny dies
    also when the bomb explodes, and the plane crash, and when she drowns...okay, I cry during most episodes.
  6. When someone around me cries
    specifically my mom, sisters, friends
  7. Anything I find nostalgic
    One time my mom and I found a picture frame in Disney World with a phrase about how magical it is to see Cinderella's castle for the first time. We started to tear up in the store. Mind you, I don't remember seeing the castle for the first time because I was 2 months old my first time at Magic Kingdom...
  8. The death of any pet
    even when it's not mine
  9. Hearing a song that is super relatable in the moment
    One of those "wow I really needed to hear this song right now"
  10. The end of My Best Friends Wedding
    Listen, I'm proud of Jules for letting him go. But when she loans them her and Michaels song for their first dance - lost it.
  11. Wild by Cheryl Strayed
    Started reading this at the pool - started publicly crying around page 3
  12. "All Too Well" by Taylor Swift
    Quite possibly my favorite Taylor song + relatable to every single break up I've ever been through
  13. The sad, violin music they play during really sad moments on Gilmore Girls
  14. Getting snail mail
  15. A touching and sweet segment on a talk show
    I'm looking at you, Ellen.
  16. Songs about ages that I am no longer
    when John Mellencamp sings, "hold on to sixteen as long as you can...", the tears well up. Also, Corey Smiths's "Twenty-one", can't even listen to the beginning guitar chords without getting weepy.