What I Did Today

alternatively titled: My Day Surrounded By Twinkle Lights. decided to document to remind myself later when I'm having a bad day, that good and magical days do exist.
  1. slept in.
    already off to a great start.
  2. went to the bank.
    not so great. but was a short visit, so silver lining there.
  3. got a bagel and coffee.
    aka my favorite meal, possibly ever.
  4. went to trader joes.
    always an adventure. so much to look at. end up feeling overwhelmed by choices and buy really random items. spiced apple cider and rice balls? sure.
  5. cleaned the apartment.
    like a real good, open all the windows to let fresh air in, get rid of all the junk you don't need, kind of clean.
  6. ate a great dinner.
    lucky to have a mom that taught my sister and I how to make classic Italian dishes really well. note: we are not Italian.
  7. went to Hollywood Studios to see the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights.
    I've been avoiding the Christmas before Thanksgiving thing that's been creeping its way into my life - it's hard to ignore when my store's been playing nonstop Christmas tunes since November 1st - but tonight I let it in with open arms and a heart full of joy. Sue me.
  8. Here's some joy for you as well...
  9. can you feel the spirit yet?
  10. saw a couple get engaged in the middle of the lights.
    teared up.
  11. saw a little girl dancing to the Christmas music with a circle of her family dancing with her.
    teared up once more.
  12. went to Magic Kingdom on a whim.
  13. saw the castle lit up for the first time this season.
    teared up. because I'm a 24 year old child.
  14. but I mean, come on!
    pure magic✨
  15. watched the parade alone while the rest of the group went on thunder mountain.
    hey puff 👋
  16. rode the seven dwarfs mine train.
    was the only person on the ride screaming. oh well.