Movies that Fucked me up

As inspired by @kaitmaree 😊 Most of my list is pretty old, but still made me feel some type of way.
  1. Surprised. A little confused. Not sure I get it, but I think I liked it.
  2. A whole new level of fucked up.
  3. Unexpectedly relatable.
  4. Watching events unfold backwards. Can't describe it anymore than that.
  5. Yea, this one really fucked me up.
  6. Maybe my all time favorite. Gets me in the feelings every time I watch it. Yes, it's in French.
  7. Not to be confused with the other movie with Jason Bateman.
  8. Alarmingly intriguing.
  9. Had me thinking, wait, wtf just happened??
  10. Leo at his best.
  11. One of Kevin Smith's earlier films. It was between this and Mallrats.
  12. The original film in French. It was the first movie I saw that had a leading woman who was tough and kicked a lot of ass.
  13. Great and disturbing and great. Still fucked me up.