Random list of underrated

Stuff and people I love, but am pretty sure no one else does.
  1. Jason Sudeikis in Sleeping with other People
  2. John Cho in Selfie
    Cancelled after 13 episodes
  3. John Grisham's non-lawyer books
  4. Seth Rogan's laugh
  5. Naps
  6. Blink 182's Cheshire Cat album
  7. James McAvoy in Penelope
  8. Anna Faris' Unqualified Podcast
  9. Mae Whitman
  10. Beets
  11. David Spade's Almost Interesting audio book
    Comes on a pre-loaded mp3 player.
  12. Judy Greer
  13. SNL from the '70s-'80s
  14. Italia Ricci in Chasing Life
  15. The ability to cry on queue
  16. Nectarines
  17. Common sense