Some cool things I've done

  1. Skydiving
    Yes, we jumped out of perfectly good airplanes and loved it.
  2. Rode in a racecar
    My husband and I won the chance to ride along with some professional drivers. It was fun and very fast.
  3. Spent a New Years in Brooklyn
    My aunt bought me a ticket from Houston to NYC on news years day, just a few hours before the countdown. It may be one of the most spontaneous things I've ever done.
  4. Spray painted at Cadillac Ranch
    Amarillo, TX
  5. Hung out at a Nude Beach
    Near San Diego. No, I did not take my clothes off... But everyone else there did. Lol
  6. Won the first and only poker game I've ever played
    I learned how to play the night before we had our big game at the office. I dominated.
  7. Graduated a few times
    Got my BS from UT and my MAIS from UH. Though I'm proud of my degrees, I have not used them in anything I've done outside of school. 😞
  8. Had a Half Asian / Half American wedding reception
    It was pretty cool, I must say.
  9. Hiked up the Red Rock Amphitheater
    Colorado. Beautiful.
  10. This got long and not as cool as I imagined. Sorry 😜