I don't know why I hate admitting when I'm mad so I say things to divert the topic from why I'm pissed to literally anything else
  1. Nope, I'm fine
    Translation: I'm not fine, damnit
  2. I'm not mad, I'm just tired
    Translation: I got 10 hrs of sleep last night. If course I'm not tired, I'm aggravated
  3. I'm super stressed
    Translation: if this is stress, it's because you're stressing me out to the point of seeing red
  4. I have a lot on my mind is all
    Translation: the only thing on my mind is how you fucked up
  5. My cheeks are red cuz I'm really hot
    Translation: I don't get hot. In fact, I'm cold most of the time. I hate you
  6. I don't feel well
    Translation: I feel fine, you suck
  7. I'm not mad, I'm disappointed
    Translation: but really, I'm mad. Like furious
  8. No, no, it's not you. I'm not even upset
    Translation: fuck off
  9. Giphy