Things I wished people warned me about adulting

  1. Relationships are hard
    Having friends takes more of an effort than simply showing up to class and seeing them every day.
  2. Marriage is even harder
    Planning a wedding is temporary, but to have a sustaining marriage actually takes work.
  3. Cleaning
    Cleaning constantly is necessary and not just your room, all the rooms. Every toilet and sink, otherwise you learn the hard way what gross looks like.
  4. Bills
    The sheer volume still shocks me. No one told me I'd be the middle man between my employer and my bill collectors.
  5. Meeting expectations
    So many expectations. And it seems like none of them are ever fully met.
  6. Job versus career
    Searching for what you want to do as a career as opposed to doing the minimum at a job for a paycheck.
  7. Gift giving
    It becomes an obligation and a pain in the ass.
  8. Exercising & eating right
    Because your metabolism sucks after you turn 30.
  9. Time
    There's never enough time for anything. Ever.