My friend Leah and I accidentally started making letters all around Kansas City (see letter X for how it all started). We call it A to Z -> KC. We are a little over half done! Here's what we've done so far...(some of the letters do not fit very well in a square, but you get the point!)
  1. A
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    This one was at Art Bra KC...a breast cancer fundraiser. Our friend, Amy, is a previvor and was one of the live auction models. We were there celebrating and supporting her! It was held at one of the hangers at the downtown airport.
  2. B
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    Taken at our favorite restaurant...Blue Grotto. It's in the neighborhood called Brookside and we are pretty much regulars there on Friday nights.
  3. C
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    This was the day we accidentally became members at Costco! It was snowing!
  4. F
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    A fall hike in nearby Weston, Missouri! It was a beautiful day!
  5. H
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    Outside a bar called Charlie Hoopers. Also in Brookside. We had a drink and drew maps of all the places in KC we want to eat/drink! Needless to say we were the only patrons with maps and sharpies that night!
  6. K
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    K is for Katie. Taken on my birthday at the Legends shopping center. We took the day off work, had champagne, and spent the day updating our spring wardrobe!
  7. L
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    L is for Leah! We were celebrating her birthday at Louie's Wine Dive...another one of our favorite places!
  8. N
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    This one was taken on New Years Eve. We had both just returned to KC after traveling to see our families for Christmas, so it was a quiet evening at my place.
  9. P
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    Here we are at the Kansas City Plaza! A gorgeous part of KC. We had just finished dinner at Gram and Dunn. I got the hiccups so bad that I couldn't eat. My sweet waiter brought me a bowl of brown sugar (my go-to cure)!
  10. S
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    S is a very difficult letter to recreate! Here we are embarrassing ourselves at an awesome little dive bar in the west bottoms called The Ship. Seriously, everyone was looking at us and asking what we were doing! I should have had at least one more drink before attempting this one...
  11. V
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    At a yummy pizza place called Coal Vines. It's one of Leah's favorite restaurants.
  12. W
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    W is for wine. On Friday nights we go to wine tasting at the CVS pharmacy (and then we go to Blue Grotto...). tasting at a pharmacy! 12 wines, a bunch of people all crammed in that tiny space, and oodles of fun! Bonus, you can get shopping done while sipping your wine!
  13. X
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    The letter that started it all! We randomly did this silly pose while at a bar on the plaza. A couple days I said that it looked like an X and that we should make every letter. Sometimes I regret saying that! Ha! This is an X for Xmas because we were hanging out before going out separate ways for Christmas 2014.
  14. Z
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    Z is for Zinfandel. Leah and I have wine nights where we each bring a bottle of a certain grape and do a blind taste test. This gem was from our Zinfandel night!